Services and SEO Pricing how is it calculated?

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Seo services and their inherent pricing is something most of the time misunderstood mainly because out of the thousands “SEO companies” out there in the web just a few professional ones set their prices they way they should be. The a  lot of questions come to mind but the most important one:

What are you buying actually? 

Maybe on page SEO, Back links or link building, seo analysis or “site audit” ?

No. What you are really buying is visibility for your website or specific URL ( and this is very important) which in common SEO language is called Ranks.

Now cutting it straight to the point,  for me at least 1 Project is 1 URL and in General those are ranked by a specific amount of keywords.

The pricing should be separated into Local SEO, Global SEO, E commerce SEO  and Global SEO each one in 3 or 4 pricing categories depending on the Keyword difficulty.

The question is how do we establish Keyword difficulty?

That’s not a problem because there are many establish Analysis companies that will give the very approximate keyword difficulty index.